Jun 11, 2024, 12:19 IST

Apple WWDC 2024: iPhone's entry into the world of AI, Apple Intelligence features will blow your mind

Apple WWDC 2024: Apple introduced iOS 18, WatchOS 11 along with Apple Intelligence on Monday night. With the help of Apple Intelligence, the company has entered the world of AI, with the help of which users will get to see many new features. The privacy of the users has also been taken care of and the data of the users will not be stored.

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At the Apple WWDC 2024 event, the company announced iOS 18, an upcoming operating system for iPhone users. With its help, iPhone users will get to see many new features. Also launched is Apple Intelligence, a new personal intelligence system.

The company partnered with ChatGPT creator OpenAI. In such a situation, Apple's voice assistant Siri will now be able to do simple tasks on its own without the help of the cloud. Give detailed information about Apple Intelligence.

The company says of Apple Intelligence that it is the power of generative models, which comes with a personal touch. In such cases, the overall user experience will improve. It will also work for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Privacy has been taken care of

Apple said that all data will be processed in a locked manner (within the device). This system is so powerful that it can create language and images by working locally. iOS 18 also has built-in 'Writing Tools', which give users the ability to rewrite. Additionally, there is an option to proof read and summarize the text. These first party apps like Mail. Will also support Pages, Notes and third party apps.

The image playback background appears

Apple also introduced Image PlaybackBackground, an on-device image generator. It allows users to create images in three styles, one allows animation, the other provides illustrations and sketches. It will be available as a standalone app like Messages.

Photos app updated

Apple has updated the Photos app, where users will be able to create a story just by typing a description. Apple Intelligence will select the best pictures and videos for your stories and then create a video, the company said.

Users will get a new feature like Magic Eraser. With his help, he will be able to remove distractions with the help of the new clean up tool.

Siri also has many great features
Apple's voice assistant Siri has also been significantly improved and new features have been added. Users will be able to schedule messages. Even with the help of Apple Calls on Screen Awareness feature, users will be able to perform even complex tasks with ease.

In this regard, the company shared an example, where Siri can find a driving license from your photos and copy and paste the license number on a website. Within any app, users can draft messages and even change the voice tone with the help of Siri.