Jun 25, 2024, 12:34 IST

Warning from government agencies, if you get such messages, don't click on them, otherwise you will be harmed

India Post SMS Scam: Scammers are now trying to cheat people in the name of India Post. Many people have become victims of this scam. In this type, scammers send messages asking people to update their address. With one mistake by users, scammers can break into their phones.

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Fraudsters are using new methods to cheat people. Sometimes in the name of customer care and sometimes by digital arrest. Now they have started cheating people in the name of India Post. Scammers are sending messages to people in the name of India Post.

This message claims that a parcel bearing your name has arrived at the warehouse. Unable to contact you. Please confirm your address on the given link. Otherwise the parcel will be returned. There is also a link with this message.

Many people have become victims
If reports are to be believed, hundreds of people have become victims of this scam. The fact check team of PIB (Press Information Bureau) has informed about such scams. The organization has warned people against such scams. He has shared this information on social media.

PIB said India Post never sends messages asking users to update their address. If you also get any such message, do not click on it.

The message in this scam is, 'Your package has arrived at the warehouse and we have tried to deliver it twice, but due to an incomplete address, we could not complete the delivery. Please update your address within 48 hours, otherwise your parcel will be returned. Click this link to update address. The parcel will be re-delivered within 24 hours after the address is updated.

How can you protect yourself from SMS fraud?
Scammers target people not only in the name of India Post but in many other ways. In such situation, do not click on any link in any unknown message.

Before clicking on any message, verify its source. If there is a message in the name of the bank, then you may have received other messages in that name before.

If you get any such suspicious message, you can report it. Your report will make many other people aware of such fraud.