Jun 25, 2024, 12:11 IST

Whiskey manufacturing company's IPO to open today... Gray market is buzzing, be a partner by investing ₹ 15000!

Officer's Choice Whiskey Maker IPO: Investors in the IPO market will get a huge earning opportunity from today. Actually, the IPO of whiskey manufacturing company Allied Blenders is also coming up on Tuesday, with a size of Rs 1500 crore.

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If you are thinking of investing money in IPO then from today you are going to get a big earning opportunity. Actually, the IPO of liquor maker Allied Blenders is starting today, Tuesday. It is already making waves in the gray market. Officer's Choice Whiskey is its best-selling brand and you can see the company's profits at just Rs. 15,000 to become a shareholder.

You can invest for three days,
After opening on Tuesday, investors can invest in the issue of liquor giant Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD Ltd) for three days till June 27. A strong entry is expected in the primary market. Through this IPO, the company has planned to raise Rs 1500 crore from the market. Under the issue, the company will issue new shares worth Rs 1000 crore, while shares worth Rs 500 crore will be offered for sale through an Offer for Sale (OFS).

The company has fixed this price band of Allied Blenders
. Talking about the price band, the company has set an issue price of Rs 267-281 per share. After closing on June 27, the allotment of shares will take place on the 28th and the company has set July 2 as the likely date for listing on both the stock market exchanges BSE-NSE. Talking about its performance in the gray market, its share has a GMP of Rs 74.

How to invest Rs 15000 and become a profit sharer?
Investors can ensure their share in the profits of this company by investing only Rs 15,000 continuously. Actually, if we talk about the calculations behind this, we tell you that to become a partner in Allied Blenders you have to bid for at least one lot under the IPO. The company holds 53 shares in one lot and if we look at the price band, you need to invest at least Rs 14,893 for one lot. The company has set a ceiling of 13 lots for retail investors and for that they have to invest Rs 1,93,609.

These are the famous liquor brands of the company
Talking about Allied Blenders and Distillers Company's liquor brands, the frontrunner is Officers' Choice Whisky, which ranked first in 2016 in terms of annual sales volume. Its other brands include Sterling Reserve, ICONiQ Whiskey and Officer's Choice Blue. According to the DRHP submitted to SEBI, out of the total funds raised from the issue, the loan will be repaid from Rs 720 crore.